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Web Developer, Programmer, Designer, Freelancer

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Web Development

Custom Webpage/Website Development. Planning, layout, setup, development and deployment of a company or a personal website.

Mobile Responsive Design

A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you're reading it on.


Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

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 More than just a brochure, your website is the most crucial part of your business. Whether you are a multi-national conglomerate or a one-man start-up, you need a website that showcases exactly who you are and what you do. Let me help you…

 I create visually interesting sites with content that speaks in the company voice, ensuring site visitors have a seamless experience that reflects the values of the company.

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 I will ensure your site is functional on all browsers and maintains its aesthetic and ease of use whether on a mobile, laptop or PC.

 I can integrate graphics editors or programming languages to provide interactive capabilities across a site.

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The job doesn’t stop when the site is launched. I will test and update the website when required ensuring optimum usage, always.

 I will spend time getting to know you and your customer to ensure the website reflects exactly what you need and gives them exactly the experience they want.

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general questions

How long does a project take?

Some of the projects could be done in a days, some of them in a weeks. There are no two same projects. In some cases, the hardest thing is to start the project. The project length depends on multiple things. Who gives the design, text, photos, is there any reusable content from the previous webpage if it is exist or any other sources like Facebook, Instagram etc., is there an existing web hosting or you need a new one? I always ask the potential website owner about this and other things important to me to start the project without any slowdowns. Feel free to contact me.

Can you update my old website?

Some web pages can be easily upgraded. There are too many outdated webpages out there. I should see the website first before any further action. I prefer the HTML, CSS and JS combinations.

My website is really slow. Can you fix it?

Yes, I can. There are always some options to speed up or fix an existing website. In some cases, it is easier to make a new website. Lot of them are not mobile responsive, or the loading time is more than 3 seconds, and that will chase away any potential website visitor. So, the website fix is sometimes worse than make a new one. Feel free to contact me. No job too big or small.

Who owns the website after the project is completed?

Once the project is paid in full the website is wholly owned by the person who ordered it. It is the owner's responsibility to continue maintaining the website unless otherwise agreed. There are no additional hidden costs. Each created website is bound by a contract and must be signed by both parties before the start of the project. There are no subsequent changes to the contract or additional services outside the contract. For each new work started after the execution of the agreed contract, a new additional contract must be signed.


It is a very hard question. It can be a five-digit sum or it can be a four-digit sum but it can be less than that as well. Depends on the size of the project, time required for it and so on and so forth. Feel free to contact me.

about me

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Freelance Web Developer, Programmer and Designer

I’m proud graduate of the Google Developer Programme and an all-round tech geek. I have a host of experience building bespoke websites for companies and individual clients.

I initially began programming just for fun and was a self-taught front end developer. When I began to get more serious about it, it became serious fun. It’s this joy in the job that makes me a perfectionist in my work.

Attention to detail is my thing. My love for programming is equalled by my love for design and I think the aesthetic of a website should naturally match the magic that goes on behind the curtain. A customer may not be able to see or understand the beauty of the code written in to a site but they can see the care and attention taken to make a site attractive, streamlined and user-friendly.

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